Northern Community Solutions (NCS) was established to connect Northern Communities with technologies that will meet the challenges faced in the North such as lack of viable employment, poor housing conditions, high energy costs, high food costs and a lack of basic infrastructure that most of us in Canada take for granted. These are focus areas in which NCS is actively seeking partners and technology providers from around the world to provide the best possible solution for Northern Communities, at the lowest possible cost.

These areas include:

  1. Biomass Energy
  2. Renewable Energy & Storage Options
  3. Attainable Housing
  4. Clean Water
  5. Remote Health Solutions
  6. Remote Education Solutions
  7. Food Security / Growing Operations
  8. Information & Communications Technology

While this list may seem ambitious, NCS has a strong network comprised of government bodies at all levels (Federal, Provincial, Municipal, Foreign) and technology providers that have experience in delivering solutions based on remote, rural and Northern needs.